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Infections caused by the increase in bacterial resistance are topics of growing interest in the current media. This interest is due to the fact that the infection, traditionally named nosocomial or community acquired, today more effectively classified as health care acquired infections, now represents a problem widely perceived among the population. This leads to open debates not only among professionals but also through new means such as internet blogs that allow for exchanging of opinions.

The third edition of AMIT Congress aims to present important information about infectious diseases for clinicians and microbiologists. The epidemiological situation of antibiotic resistance in Europe and in Italy is of basic interest to understand how to set up our defenses. The improvement of the diagnosis of infections, employing low-cost and simple indicators such as procalcitonin, is very useful for clinicians. The multiplex-PCR or the new proteomics techniques are very promizing and sophisticated diagnostic systems but are not routinely used yet.

The topics of the Congress fit into one of the most difficult moments for the clinicians. We must preserve the still available drug "heritage" by the optimization of the antibiotic use. The correct use of antibiotics is based on the right diagnosis, culture’s results and sensitivity data, the selection of antibiotics and their appropriate dosing.

After considering the topics listed above, emerging and increasing infections such as the ones in the immunocompromised host or in bone, in intensive care units and in LTCFs (the last ones become the new and large “reservoir” of resistant microrganisms) have to be considered and discussed in details.

The systematic reviews and meta-analyses in infectious diseases have to be debated if they are really helpful or not in order
to perform a better clinical practice.
The pandemic outbreaks (e.g. AIDS, flu) and/or epidemic (e.g. cholera, meningitis, etc.) in some cases have led the population to be aware of them as in AIDS; in other cases, such as in the recent outbreak of H1N1 flu, there were a lot of different reactions causing confusion and even hostility about current problems.

During these events, the physician of infectious diseases has to be the referent expert inside institutions and media. An upgrade about management and the different approaches in HAART therapy are of main importance among the physicians.
The hope of this Congress is to propose a compromise between the expectations of the population about the increasing demand for health and the application of new and emerging biomedical technologies since human and economic resources are not always adequate.

Marco Tinelli