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The proper use of antibiotics and the risk of hospital infections represent one of the most important problems for the health care. The risk of infections is increasing more and more since patients have frequent contact with different health care facilities: not only hospitals but also LTCF and the community. Thus, the separation between hospital and community acquired infections should be reconsidered; it is more appropriate to attribute the origin of infections to the overall medical practices rather then to different and separated health facilities.

Considering these primary factors, we have organized a Congress where all the aspects of these issues and strategies for the prevention of infections will be dealt with. The first day of the Congress will include a keynote lecture and scheduled sessions, reviewing the general aspects of the antibiotic use, topics on epidemiology, resistance of classic and emerging pathogens . These sessions will be interactive in order to stimulate the direct participation of the audience; the afternoon will be fully devoted to oral communications selected by the Scientific Committee.

On the second day a keynote lecture is scheduled about the state of the art of hospital infections, followed by the main topics of prevention strategies and risk management; in particular we will deal with prevention strategies in Europe, health care facilities and community infection control, newly emerging diseases related to medical practices and risk management in routine and emergency situations, including any professional responsibility and related insurance cover.

The spirit underlying this Congress is to encourage ever greater involvement by all the professions operating within the complex healthcare system, at all levels. The most effective weapon in the struggle to reduce, monitor and prevent the spread of infections is the interdisciplinary collaboration.

Marco Tinelli